Mary Bertram Memorial Baby Show

Winners of 2016 Baby Show:

0 – 5 mth: Lily Rose King, Collingwood

6 – 12 mth: Moriah Leboubon, Elmvale

13 – 18 mth: Charlotte Laurin, Elmvale

Overall Winner of the “Mary Bertram Memorial Trophy”:

Moriah LeBoubon,  Elmvale

Youngest Baby Girl: Hailey Kort (1 month)

Youngest Baby Boy: Callum Lees (9 days)

Special” Door Prize – donated by Babies R Us, Barrie

   Baby Bouncer Seat filled with lots of baby goodies

Open to ALL babies entered in the Show –(Baby must have been present to win) Winner: Brynn Stephens, Elmvale

Baby Contest

Everyone loves the annual baby show. It will be held Friday October 5th 2:00 pm on the main stage in the arena. A tradition that dates back over 50 years.

Registration : On the stage in the Arena at 1:30 pm

3 classes will be held : 1-5 Months, 6-12 Months, 13-18 Months
Prize Money 1st place $10.00
2nd place $ 5.00
3rd place $ 5.00

Youngest Baby Girl $5.00
Youngest Baby Boy $5.00
Youngest Mulitiples $5.00
and many other prizes will be given out.