Junior Livestock , Small Animal show, and Pony Show

Friday October 6, 2017 – 1:00 pm

Prizes for sections 270-275

1st – $20.00, 2nd-$15.00, 3rd-$10.00 and $5.00 for all worthy entries

Animals showing evidence of ring worm, Mange or Pink Eye will NOT by eligible for exhibition, and will be refused entry to the fairgrounds.

All entrants for these classes will receive a participation medallion and a cash prize donated by Glen and Doug Ritchie and Dennis and Pat Leonard

Please not a child who is participating in the 4-H is IN_ELIGIBLE to participate in the following classes. They are open to all elementary aged children. All participants in the Junior Livestock show classes #270-278 must be under parent/guardian supervision

270. Dairy Calf, over 4 months

271. Dairy Calf, under 4 months

272. Beef calf, over 4 months

273 Beef calf , under 4 months

274. Ewe lamb, breeding

275. Market lamb, ewe or wether

Prizes: Classes 276-278 $5.00 for each worthy entry and 1st place winners will each receive a halter donated by Dr. Tim Henshaw

276. Showmanship, calves Gr. K – Gr. 3

277. Showmanship, calves Gr 4- Gr 8

278. Showmanship Lamb


Prizes classes 300- 323 1st – $3.00, 2nd $2.50, 3rd- $2.00, 4th-$1.50, 5th-$1.00

-cages will be supplied, unless otherwise indicated

-One entry per section

-Animal to be caged by 10;00 AM Friday October 6 and not to leave until after 4:30 pm the same day-must be picked up by 5 pm or prize money will be forfeited

The fair staff and volunteers are not responsible for unattended animals at the fair

-Owners are expected to maintain feed and water their animals during the fair

-Any sick animal will be asked to leave the fairgrounds

-Heavy and Light Breed classes: List of heavy and Light Breed poultry will be posted at show for reference


300. Standard Breed Hen, heavy

301. Standard Breed Rooster, heavy

302. Standard Breed Hen, Light

303. Standard Breed Rooster, Light

304. Bantam female, feather feet, any breed

305. Bantam, male, bare leg any breed

306. Bantam, female, bare leg, any breed

307. Bantam, male,bare leg, any breed

308. Water fowl,Duck, heavy (Supply own cage)

309. Waterfowl, Drake, heavy (supply own cage)

310. Waterfowl, Duck, light (supply own cage)

311. Waterfowl, Drake, Light (supply own cage)

312. Rabbit, 6 months to 1 year , female

313. Rabbit, 6 months to 1 year , male

314. Rabbit, 1 year to 3 years, female

315. Rabbit, 1 year to 3 years , male

316. Rabbit, 4 years and over, female

317. Rabbit, 4 years and over, male

318. Pet Bird (Doves, Pigeons, Parrotect. supply own cage)

319. Hamster ( supply own cage)

320. Pet Guinea Pig (supply own cage)

321. Pet Rodent (Rat, Gerbil, Mouse etc) supply own cage with battery operated heating pad
322. Pet Reptille (supply own cage) and must supply own battery operated heating pad

323. Other pet, cannot be a pet that would qualify in any other section. (supply own cage). No Dogs or cats

strong> PONY SHOW

2016 Pony Show Winners

16  Riders from 6  schools participated

Sportsmanship trophy  10yrs of age & under

Trophy donated by Elmvale Vet. Clinic

Winner-  Lexie Edwards,        from Birchview Dunes – Wasaga Beach,

Rider 10 yrs old & under and pony achieving highest number of points.

Trophy donated by RJ Motosport

 Winner – Karissa May-Gadsby

Ribbons will be awarded to fifth place

Age of rider to be determined as of June 30th of the current year

All riders should wear boots and heels, and ASTM helmet for all classes

PRIZE MONEY- 1st – $8.00, 2nd-$6.00, 3rd-$4.00 and $2.00 for each worthy entry


  1. Showmanship (10 YEARS &; UNDER)
  2. Showmanship (11 years &; over)
  3. Figure 8 ( 10 years and under)
  4. Figure 8 ( 11years and over)
  5. Walk Trot ( 10 years and under )
  6. Walk Trot ( 11 years and over)
  7. Mail pick up race (any age)
  8. Costume Class ( any age)




Sportsmanship Trophies

Sponsored by Elmvale Veterinary Clinic and Hawks Landing

High Point Pony and Rider – 10 yrs and under
Sponsored by R J Motosport
High Point Pony and Rider – 11 yrs and over
Cecil French Memorial Trophy donated by Gary French