Floral Exhibits Class 33

Floral Exhibits – Class 33
All plants and flowers competing for prizes must have been grown by the exhibitor. No article to which a premium has been awarded in one section will be allowed to compete in another, and no articles forming part of a collection entered for a premium in collection shall receive a premium as a single article. All cut flowers must be displayed in suitable vases or dishes. No premium will be awarded to any exhibit containing more than one plant in a pot ( unless specified by the Section) All potted plants must be in the exhibitors possession for the at least three months.
Bloom: Individual flower , one stem, do not leave buds showing
Stem: May carry one or more flowers, with foliage
Spike: A thick upright stem carrying several flowers
Spray: A portion of the plant with a number of flowers on one stem
Collection: Minimum of three different varieties
Display: May be one or more varieties
Floating: May NOT touch sides of a clear container

2017 Winner Flowers:

New Exhibitor Award- Carolyn Hill


Prizes Section 1-40

1st-$4.00, 2nd -$3.00, 3rd-$2.00

1.Marigold, 5 blooms, over 3″ (7.5 cm)

2.Pansies , 5 stems arranged with own foliage

3.Petunias, 5 sprays, single

4.Petunias, 5 sprays, double

5.Cosmos, 5 stems

6.Ornamental grasses 3 stems, 1 variety- not over 90 cm or 3 ft tall, including the container

7.Snapdragons, 5 stems

8.Salva, 5 spikes

9.Asters, 7 stems, assorted arranged in a suitable container

10.Heleanthus (Sunflowers) 3 stems, blooms over 15.2 cm or 6″ any colour

11.Any other annuals not mentioned, 3 stems, sprays or spikes

12.Phlox, perennial, 1 spray

13.Chrysanthemums, Collection

14.Chrysanthemums, 3 stems (medium)

15.Coneflower, 3 sprays

16.Perennial flowers, 5 sprays, 5 different varieties, named

17.Dahlias, decorative, single bloom 3″ and over

18.Dahlias, decorative, single bloom under 3″

19.Dahlias, arrange in a vase, no specific number of blooms

20.Gladioli, 3 spikes, PLEASE WEIGHT YOUR VASE.(to avoid tipping)

21.Last perfect rose of summer

22.1 Stem of flowering vine in bloom,foliage attached

23.Rose collection , variety of blooms

24.Sedum, 3 stems

25.Hosta Bloom, 1 stem

26.Zinnias, 5 blooms, assorted varieties

27.Assortment of hand dried flowers, including some grasses

28.African Violet, single, one crown

29.Potted Begonia-grown for foliage

30.Potted Begonia- grown for flowers, blooming

31.Geranium, in bloom, in 6 inch pot

32.Outdoor mixed planter, in bloom, max pot 12″

33.Ivy in a pot

34.Non flowering house plant, grown for its foliage, named

35.Coleus-3 stems same colour not more then 46 cm or 18″ high

36.Potted Herb Collection, minimum of 3 properly named using a non traditional container

37.Flowering house plant in a 6″ pot excluding GERANIUM

38.Succulent garden

39.Potted shamrock, any colour

40.Succulent in container 5″(13cm) or smaller

Prizes Section 41-47
Prize Money and Membership sponsored by the Elmvale Horticultural Society
1st-$6.00, plus Complimentary 1 Year Horticultural Society Membership, 2nd $4.00, 3rd-$3.00

  • All arrangements NOT exceed 45 cm (18″) in any direction, unless otherwise specified
  • 41.Fall Abundance: a door swag, any size, ribbon is permitted

    42.Fairy Garden– up to 8 ” in any direction

    43. Welcome Baby Prince Louis – A design for a newborn using fresh and dried flowers. Accessories permitted

    44. Recycled – A fresh arrangement in a recycled container up to 12″ in any direction

    45. Budding Beginners– Simple arrangement for Novice Exhibitor who has never entered a class in the Special Class. Give it a try

    46. Royal Wedding – A table top arrangement, accessories permitted

    47. Canada’s Food Guide for Bees – using sunflowers, coneflowers and/or brown eyed Susans

    New Exhibitor Award

    To the new exhibitor with the most points in Section 1 thru 47 inclusive $10.00 – first time exhibitors must mark all their entry tags with red dot, supplied at the fair office.